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When I think of all the “lost souls” in our culture who have been seduced by the latest vampire fad I am not surprised.  They are easily deceived because they do not have the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them into all Truth.  However, when I look at Christians who are participating in this unholy occult movement, warning bells go off in my head!  This vampire “craze” has become an extreme obsession for many young girls who are seduced by the romance in these books and movies.  Is this innocent fictitious entertainment for Christians or is it an insidious dark influence that has captured the hearts and minds of young impressionable girls?


Poised to enter…

Poised – an adjective.  One dictionary defines poised as:  a person who is composed, dignified and self-assured, to be confident.  It also means to be in balance; to hover or teeter.  What does “poised” have to do with the the Kingdom of G-d?  If we are not confident and self-assured as to our idenity as daughters of the Most High God how can we advance G-d’s kingdom on earth.  If we are living chaotic stressful lives, pulled in a hundred directions then we are out of balance and teetering on the brink of disaster.

Before the Hebrews could enter into the long awaited Promised Land, they had to go through an intense stripping away of  idols of the heart and a worldly mindset (Egypt).  Though they had been slaves for hundreds of years, they had to learn how to walk and live as sons and daughters of the one true G-D.  Though G-D was with them and had given them the land, they lacked confidence and rebelled in their hearts against Him.  They teetered on the brink of destruction… until they embraced their new idenity and learn to lean on G-D and not their own understanding. It is only when we surrender our hearts to G-D daily, stepping out in obedience that we are truly living a balanced life.  A balanced life means you are poised to enter into all that G-d has promised in His word.  Are you poised to enter?

I am excited to be chatting with you on my new blog!  I can’t wait to share with you what the Father is whispering to my heart as I sit quietly in His presence.  He whispers…to my heart.  The Father tenderly softly whispers my name.  He beckens me to come.  To come into His presence.  To quiet my heart, my soul, my body.  To be still.  In His presence I let go.  I breathe.  I live. I dream.  I am His.

Do you hear Him whisper your name?  Have you entered into His presence today.  Go quickly!  He is waiting!